My Favorite Movies

Here is a page of my favorite movies and a little bit about them. I recommend watching them because they are pretty great movies.

Iron Man

In this movie staring Robert Downey Jr, it shows a man who is making money by making and selling weapons but never really knew who the weapons were being sold to. He is then caputred by the people who is buying the weapons and is injured in the process. He then escapes by making an iron suit. He then uses this to protect people and becomes the start of something great. The Avengers.

Finding Nemo

This is movie is about a fish who gets sepertated from his father and the movie shows the journey they go through to finally end up back together. This movie is one of my favorite childrens movies. I'm pretty sure I have wached it over a hundred times!

Divison III: Footballs Finest

This is a pretty funny movie! I do not recommended for younger chidren because it has adult humor and a good bit of swaering. I like this movie because it is about football and a coach that comes to coach them that is not the best. This movie is relatable because I played football through highschool so it is a good laugh when I need it. It is not anything special ut does not have the best reviews but hey, that is not what I am looking for.